How do I know what size to select?

  • When finding your size it's important to use both your calf circumference and shoe size with our sizing guide to find the right fit. If you find yourself on the edge of two sizes it's often better to air on the side of the smaller size. The Acel sizing guide can be found on the product page (in the product images), on the tech page, and HERE.

How important is the compression level?

  • To maximize the full benefits of compression sportswear it is essential to maintain true graduated compression. Equally important is the gradual compression decrease from the ankle to the knee for optimal circulation benefits.

How will compression socks feel on my feet?

  • There will be a noticeable difference between ACEL compression socks and other athletic, golf, travel, or types of socks you’ve worn before. Compression sportswear will feel much tighter than you’re used to, but that’s also the reason that you’ll feel better than ever before. Our thick sole padding that wraps from the toes to behind the heel, paired with the arch support, will also add a noticeable cushion and level of comfort to any activity on your feet.

What will compression socks do for my feet and legs?

  • The benefits are immediate from the moment you put on a pair of ACEL compression socks as the science behind our technology and graduated compression starts to go to work. They will increase the efficiency in blood circulation from your feet all the way to your heart and lungs. This also helps increase oxygen delivery, while decreasing lactic acid production, and promoting high muscle efficiency. Resulting in less fatigue, reduced cramps and shin splints, and greatly improved recovery times.

  • That along with our moisture wicking material will transfer any moisture buildup on the skin to the outside of the sock where it will dry faster, reduce odor, skin irritation, and most importantly lowering your body temperature by up to 7 degrees in those muscles. So, whether you’re sitting on a long airplane flight, running a marathon, or working on your feet all day, you’ll notice a significant difference in how your legs and feet feel.

What are ACEL’s compression socks made of?

  • Only the highest grade materials with a patent pending unique blend of various high performance materials including polyamide, lycra, and spandex. After rigorous testing this blend was proven the most efficient at promoting the benefits of compression sportswear while maintaining moisture wicking needs and holding up under the stress of durability testing.

How should I care for my ACEL compression socks?

  • As with any high quality sportswear, proper washing care will ensure you get the maximum life out of the garment. For the best results machine wash in cold water and air dry, however a low tumble dry will work as well.

Are there benefits to wearing ACEL compression socks if I don’t play sports or train for anything?

  • Anyone who works on their feet all day can tell you about the aches and pains in their legs and feet. So whether you’re a nurse, waitress, salesman, or construction worker you’ll benefit greatly from wearing ACEL compression socks.

  • The same could be said if you are working in a seated position for extended periods of time or on a long flight where cramps can buildup in your legs. ACEL’s compression socks can help you stay comfortable, regardless of your activity and be more productive throughout your day. 

  • There are also medical conditions which can be aided by wearing compression sportswear. We urge you to talk to your doctor about these conditions.