Science Behind Compression

For more than 60 years medical professionals have recommended compression clothing for patients in need for increased blood circulation and leg health. Medical-Grade-Compression improves the arterial blood flow through a consistent and high compression, whether you’re sedentary or being active. This compression allows the arterial walls to relax and increases the oxygen delivered through our blood by up to 40%. 

Graduating the compression so that it’s tighter in the ankle and gradually decreases to the top of the calf reduces the vein’s diameter, helps return de-oxygenated blood back to the heart, and improves overall vein health. Simultaneously it's also decreasing lactic acid build up in the muscles, which reduces cramps and shin splints.

ACEL Smart Fabric Technology

After analyzing nearly every solution currently provided, ACEL developed a unique design that combines the most advantageous benefits of compression wear into one sock.

First and foremost through many studies the ACEL research team determined that in order to fully realize the benefits of compression wear. Many socks on the market fall short of this and do their customers an injustice.

Equally important is determining the right degree of graduated compression, decreasing compression from the ankle to the calf incorrectly can actually cause blood buildup by not returning the de-oxygenated blood back to the heart efficiently. 

Taking the design to the next level, the ACEL fabric weave is made up of moisture wicking anti-bacterial materials that transfers moisture from the skin to the outside of the sock where it can dry faster. Reducing odors, blisters, and skin irritation. Most importantly, this process will help lower your body temperature by up to 7 degrees in those muscles with our All Season Compression Socks, while increasing that temperature by up to 7 degrees in our Thermal Compression Socks.

To achieve superior comfort, ACEL added a strong arch support, a cushioned sole to absorb impact, and a body forming structure to increase muscle efficiency for every unique individual.

What this Means for You

It starts with greater performance through fatigue reduction, increased muscle efficiency, improved blood flow, all while decreasing that lactic acid production. It means faster recovery, a more rested body, which gets you back to doing what you do best. It’s comfort that works for you.

Finding the Right Fit


To maximize the benefits of our smart fabric technology it’s important to find the best fit by taking into account your shoe size and calf circumference. Unlike many of our competitors that might only fit by the shoe size, we stress the importance of adding in the calf measurement. Our easy size chart will help you find the right fit. When you find yourself on the edge of one size to the next it’s better to air on the side of the smaller size.